Lean thinking, publication and application in the workplace has now become widespread across many industries. For many organisations however, developing and achieving sustainable results still represents a significant challenge. In an increasing competitive market, many service providers now exist offering exceptional results using a common language, and through a common set of tools and techniques.  For organisations requiring specialist support, the challenge to distinguish clearly between providers is ever increasing. So what makes Spitfire different?


20+ Years of Industry Experience

We employ experienced professionals with an average 20 years practical knowledge gained in industry, and with the proven ability to successfully deliver business transformation. Each of our team has held managerial roles with responsibility to develop and implement Lean principles at Toyota Motor Corporation, Nissan Motor Corporation and other leading global organisations.



Bespoke Solutions

We specialise in delivering bespoke solutions. Our debt of knowledge and practical industry experience enables us to regognise the unique requirements for each client challenge, and to confidently develop the best solution.



Professional Coaches & Trainers

We bring together a range of professional training and coaching skills to provide a unique delivery capability. Comprising licensed trainers from Toyota's global production centre; advanced leadership coaches and NLP practitioners; six sigma black belt trainers and Lean academy coaches, our team continues to design and deliver advanced training and coaching programmes worldwide.



We Lead By Example

All of our senior consultants have developed their exceptional expertise by delivering world class results in market leading organisations using best practice tools and techniques. Therefore our natural approach is to work with you as part of your team to engage and deliver exceptional results. We won't just tell you what needs to be done, we will show you how to do it successfully and sustain the results for yourself.



We Share the Ownership of Your Results

We have a track record of success within all of the organisations we have worked with, built on a solid and proven capability to deliver within engaged and empowered teams and organisations. By successfully aligning and developing people, processes, tools & techniques, and operating infrastructure, we are able to work as part of your team to bring to life the results and performance embedded within your vision - success is assured.



Reliable & Consistent 

Our consistency in delivery is reflected directly by the team you meet. You won't be presented with a sales team or inexperienced consultants. The Spitfire Way shapes our approach and continues to evolve through our team of full-time senior professionals. We thrive on successful and long term relationships with our clients, and we will never stop working to align the capability of our senior consultants to your exacting and ever developing requirements. Putting it simply, your performance drives our passion.



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Our Clients
  • "We were very impressed by the quality of the delivered solution, as well as of professionalism of the consultants, their understanding of our complex internal processes and their commitment to quality and respect of deadlines."

    Global Train Manufacturer
  • "With Spitfire's support we have been able to identify impressive savings and with the tools and coaching they provided we will be able to identify even greater savings. The Spitfire team were impressive from the start, quickly becoming part of the team and working in a structured way."

    Material Planning - Ordering Officer Aerospace Company (UK)
  • "At the end of the project we made quite a few changes to our existing systems. The best outcome is the change to the way we now think within the department whenever we are reviewing even the simplest of procedures, we find ourselves applying the 'lean' way of thinking and continue to make improvements."

    Cytology Manager NHS – Primary Care Trust Hospital
  • "A  number of excellent pieces of work all delivered with professionalism and a good level of outside best practice knowledge shared and transferred. Good cross-functional connections made with the team at all levels and are very well respected and trusted in the organisation…"

    Market-leading provider of steam systems and services
  • "This Programme has revolutionised the way my team delivers its projects. It has enabled personal ownership and commitment from everyone involved. The teams are empowered to remove waste from their own processes and deliver real improvements in a matter of weeks, rather than months."

    Graeme Shaw | Business Process Improvement Leader Global Metro
  • "The Spitfire consultants were very knowledgeable and able to relate complicated techniques to us in language we understood. Their experience and expertise gave us a great leap in understanding."

    BT Manager Leading Energy Saving Group
  • "The real power of the programme is the empowerment and tangible cultural change it delivers in a short time scale. It releases momentum from every level and silo of the organisation, generating immediate impact and identification and eradication of waste. This is worthy of immediate wider application."

    Independent Investment Programme Advisory Group to the Mayor of London
  • "After many months of analysis, planning and effort we have, for the first time, achieved all of our Operational Performance Indicators for defects. This is a great achievement and has been delivered at the same time as working to drastically cut the number of outstanding defects, which have reduced from over 2,000 to about 150 today."

    Highways & Transport Manager Local authority (UK)
  • "An excellent piece of work delivered by knowledgeable and experienced logistics experts. Spitfire's packaging design concepts and Lean Logistics approach not only tackle space constraint issues, they also improve ergonomic handling and part quality. The designs ensure reduced handling of sub-assembled material & parts, and reduce costs."

    Plant Manager, Bremen Major Aircraft Manufacturer
  • "The turnaround of the fleet has been incredible! Spitfire Consultancy have been instrumental in making this happen. We now have the tools and the knowledge to maintain control and continue to meet our future performance challenges."

    Fleet Manager Asset Maintenance Company
  • "A great result, this supplier was one of our biggest concerns in terms of parts supply for the new model and now we're getting parts ahead of the model launch, a very positive outcome, well done…."

    Quality Director Leading Prestigious Car Manufacturer
  • "Spitfire have delivered a strategy that is clear and follows all Lean principles to ensure parts are available when required, all without impacting on production. Stakeholders involved have been impressed by Spitfire's knowledge and approach."

    Head of Supply Chain Logistics Major Aircraft OEM
  • "During development of the project, we recognised the immediate potential and in a joint activity with the original project team, installed the Body Shop Training Centre into a brand new manufacturing plant being built in the U.S.A. to assist us with the very difficult task of new plant hire and skill-up."

    Global Lean Centre Manager Global Vehicle Manufacturer
  • "A stellar performance from a rotating team of consultants achieved all I could have hoped for. A great programme which should be wider applied in my organisation."

    Head of Delivery Global Metro