• Spitfire rail, road and infrastructure clients continue to see results from Global Mass Transit Program

    Mass Transit Lean Consultancy
    Spitfire Consultancy is a market leader in designing, developing, and delivering tailored business improvement strategies for rail, road, and infrastructure organisations across the world. The Spitfire Global Mass Transit Program continues to expand in line with this vision. Spitfire's global port…
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  • Celebrating our 15-year anniversary

    Anniversary Consulting Training
    2019 is a special year for our team here at Spitfire as it marks our 15th anniversary. In 2004, Elliot Gilmour saw a gap in the market for high quality management consulting and training, by genuine experts in their field. To ensure that the newly formed Spitfire did just that, while also deliveri…
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  • Spitfire supports booming Irish furniture manufacturer meet ambitious waste and efficiency targets

    Irish Furniture Manufacturer
    The Spitfire team has successfully delivered its latest brief from a renowned Irish furniture manufacturer. With orders flooding in and the plant booming, space was at a premium and efficiency more important than ever - Spitfire was called in to support the firm meet its objectives of reducing wast…
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  • Ahead of a period of significant investment, the Spitfire team supported this international manufacturer to create a lean production facility

    lean production facility technology
    The Spitfire team recently completed a challenging business transformation project after being appointed by an international manufacturer to drive the creation of a lean production facility prior to a substantial investment in new technologies. Before the large capital investment in cutting edge n…
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  • Spitfire spearheads performance improvements with luxury UK manufacturer

    Working with a luxury manufacturer at their UK base, Spitfire spearheaded a 9 month transformation project to turnaround their internal supply operations function and develop management capability. Developing the project scope in collaboration with the company's own senior leadership team, Spitfir…
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  • Building motivation is key to achieving your vision

    Motivation Company Vision
    If you have a new or changing vision for your company, building motivation, achieving buy-in and ensuring participation from all members of your team is vital. Our Coaching Director, Stephen Manley is exploring this topic in a little more detail in his latest blog, looking at why vision and motivat…
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  • Spitfire Coaching Excellence - Association for Coaching

    Association for Coaching
    All our clients are consumed with their own transformational efforts which can bring about significant changes not just in the systems in the workplace, but on a personal level too. Our core purpose is to help our clients 'be the best that they can be', and our passion lies in our clients realising…
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  • Spitfire Consultancy successfully deploys integrated leadership, training, support, and coaching approach

    leadership training consultancy
    Our client had implemented many successful but separate initiatives to provide training solutions, intervention support, and leadership coaching - all of which had delivered tangible benefits. We recognized that the implementation of a fully integrated model bringing together all of these approache…
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  • Why we may need to be SMARTER than SMART in order to achieve

    SMART goals
    As Leaders many of us encourage the use of SMART when guiding those whom we lead. Many of us use SMART as a means to help team members set direction, go forth and all being well - achieve goals. So here's the question: Do SMART goals work? Stephen Manley, Coaching Practice Director at Spitfire expl…
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  • Spitfire continues global rollout of unique ‘Fundamental Skills’ training facilities.

    Skills Training Poland
    Spitfire are pleased to announce the further expansion of our 'Fundamental Skills' programme (the basis of standardised work) with a major global appliance manufacturer. Our latest facility will be built in Poland and will concentrate on delivering training centre design, development and installati…
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  • How to avoid resistance & welcome organizational change?

    Organizational Change Consultancy
    Spitfire Consultancy Coaching Director, Stephen Manley discusses in his Pittsburgh Technology Council article: "Top-down or bottom-up? In what direction should organizational change happen? We are influenced greatly by what others do. We pick up on the cues from others' behaviors and these pr…
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  • When it comes to Change Leadership, what really matters?

    Coaching Leading Change
    "One of the biggest challenges when implementing change is bringing people along with your vision for what could be. You could also argue that when we face change ourselves, bringing ourselves along the required transformational steps is far from easy too. Why would it be easy with others, if it's …
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  • Spitfire designs and delivers Lean 6σ leadership program for a design, engineering, and manufacturing client

     Lean leadership program
    Working with a complex design, engineering, and manufacturing organisation of around 4500 people delivering capability enhancements and systems, Spitfire have successfully designed and delivered a Lean 6σ training program. Our client had recruited and developed their own internal 6σ black belts and…
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  • When it comes to lean, respect is an integral part of the system

    Toyota Lean Continuous Improvement Respect
    "The two key Pillars of the Toyota Production System are defined as 'Continuous Improvement' and 'Respect'. Over the years, tools, techniques and principles have been shaped, documented and attempted to be implemented to bring about Continuous Improvement to deliver previously unattainable performa…
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  • Spitfire delivers multiple-facility operational improvements with a global logistics & supply chain specialist

    Our client is one of the world's largest logistics specialists who provides supply chain services to global automotive manufacturers. We worked closely together to establish and support the set-up of a multiple production facility, including management planning, operational project management and d…
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  • Spitfire supporting brand development by building a unique operating environment

    At Spitfire we thrive on new and exciting challenges, and so the opportunity to support a business to develop through a challenging start-up phase was something we couldn't resist. - The client - A new and exciting Aerospace MRO organisation in a challenging Middle East environment and market - T…
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  • Spitfire supporting the efficient and effective delivery of aircraft availability contracts

    The market place is constantly changing, and no more so than in the world of aircraft operations where the customer is demanding ever increasing availability of its aircraft driven by tightly controlled contracts. For an organisation to succeed in this environment requires an excellent understandin…
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  • Spitfire supporting rapid prototype development in a complex engineering organisation

    Our client - a high end design and engineering development organisation - is operating in a very challenging environment, where success is determined by its ability to design, develop, manufacture, and operate prototype components quicker and better than its competitors. They needed to learn more a…
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  • Spitfire successfully deploys an advanced coaching approach to enable enhanced delegate capability

    The advantage of providing mentoring and support to enable training delegates to successfully implement their capability within the business has long been recognised, but to truly provide a sustainable capability a more advanced coaching approach is required. By working with our client to build on …
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  • Spitfire continues roll out of systematic continuous improvement model within engineering development organisation

    Working with a complex engineering organisation of around 1200 engineers delivering capability enhancements and upgrades, Spitfire have successfully established a CI culture within the organisation built around systematic policy deployment. Through a combination of systematic requirement flow down,…
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  • Spitfire successfully deploys collaborative working approach to make step changes in program performance

    The problem was clear for everyone (including the final customer) to see two organisations working together to achieve a demanding customer requirement but demonstrating a complete mistrust of each other resulting in delays to program, additional costs, and missed opportunities. Spitfire successfu…
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  • Spitfire wins Chairman’s Award with BAE Systems

    BAE Systems Chairman's Award
    An expert team from Spitfire Consultancy & Training have been recognised for the delivery of a benchmark operational improvement programme within Military Air & Information (MAI), saving the business more than £55m. This is a particularly impressive achievement as the improvements have all …
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  • Working in partnership with Highways England in delivery of £15bn Road Infrastructure Improvement Programme

    Highways England Improvement Programme
    Spitfire continues to work in strategic partnership with Highways England Major Projects Directorate Business Management and Reporting Group in development of a performance management strategy aligned with the successful transition to a government-owned organisation. Get in touch to understand how…
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  • Spitfire continues global rollout of unique Fundamental Skills training facilities.

    Spitfire continues global rollout of unique Fundamental Skills training facilities - Spitfire are pleased to announce the further expansion of our Fundamental Skills rollout with a major German automotive manufacturer. Our latest facility will be designed and built in Bratislava and will concentrat…
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  • Spitfire develop alternative knowledge transfer model for Lean training

    Spitfire develop alternative knowledge transfer model for Lean training - Traditionally there are always 2 major blockers to successfully deliver Lean training and coaching to companies who desire a paradigm shift in the way the operate. 1. For busy companies it is very difficult to release delega…
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  • Spitfire win major transformation programme.

    Spitfire win major transformation programme with global 1st tier automotive supplier - Spitfire are pleased to announce the success in a competitive bid to provide a major Lean transformation programme to a global 1st tier automotive supplier. The scope of our services will be to create a best in c…
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  • Spitfire committed to the wider community

    As part of our strategy of not only providing world class services to our clients, Spitfire is also fully committed to helping create sustainable solutions for the communities we are involved in, as we saw at the Shongoane orphanage in Medupi, South Africa. We were jointly involved in helping a Ch…
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  • Spitfire launches in South Africa

    Launch of Spitfire Consultancy (Pty) Ltd - As part of our commitment to our serving our clients on a global basis, and also to engage with local talent Spitfire are pleased to launch our 4th office globally in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our offering to the Southern African market covers the full r…
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  • "We were very impressed by the quality of the delivered solution, as well as of professionalism of the consultants, their understanding of our complex internal processes and their commitment to quality and respect of deadlines."

    Global Train Manufacturer
  • "With Spitfire's support we have been able to identify impressive savings and with the tools and coaching they provided we will be able to identify even greater savings. The Spitfire team were impressive from the start, quickly becoming part of the team and working in a structured way."

    Material Planning - Ordering Officer Aerospace Company (UK)
  • "At the end of the project we made quite a few changes to our existing systems. The best outcome is the change to the way we now think within the department whenever we are reviewing even the simplest of procedures, we find ourselves applying the 'lean' way of thinking and continue to make improvements."

    Cytology Manager NHS – Primary Care Trust Hospital
  • "A  number of excellent pieces of work all delivered with professionalism and a good level of outside best practice knowledge shared and transferred. Good cross-functional connections made with the team at all levels and are very well respected and trusted in the organisation…"

    Market-leading provider of steam systems and services
  • "This Programme has revolutionised the way my team delivers its projects. It has enabled personal ownership and commitment from everyone involved. The teams are empowered to remove waste from their own processes and deliver real improvements in a matter of weeks, rather than months."

    Graeme Shaw | Business Process Improvement Leader Global Metro
  • "The Spitfire consultants were very knowledgeable and able to relate complicated techniques to us in language we understood. Their experience and expertise gave us a great leap in understanding."

    BT Manager Leading Energy Saving Group
  • "The real power of the programme is the empowerment and tangible cultural change it delivers in a short time scale. It releases momentum from every level and silo of the organisation, generating immediate impact and identification and eradication of waste. This is worthy of immediate wider application."

    Independent Investment Programme Advisory Group to the Mayor of London
  • "After many months of analysis, planning and effort we have, for the first time, achieved all of our Operational Performance Indicators for defects. This is a great achievement and has been delivered at the same time as working to drastically cut the number of outstanding defects, which have reduced from over 2,000 to about 150 today."

    Highways & Transport Manager Local authority (UK)
  • "An excellent piece of work delivered by knowledgeable and experienced logistics experts. Spitfire's packaging design concepts and Lean Logistics approach not only tackle space constraint issues, they also improve ergonomic handling and part quality. The designs ensure reduced handling of sub-assembled material & parts, and reduce costs."

    Plant Manager, Bremen Major Aircraft Manufacturer
  • "The turnaround of the fleet has been incredible! Spitfire Consultancy have been instrumental in making this happen. We now have the tools and the knowledge to maintain control and continue to meet our future performance challenges."

    Fleet Manager Asset Maintenance Company
  • "A great result, this supplier was one of our biggest concerns in terms of parts supply for the new model and now we're getting parts ahead of the model launch, a very positive outcome, well done…."

    Quality Director Leading Prestigious Car Manufacturer
  • "Spitfire have delivered a strategy that is clear and follows all Lean principles to ensure parts are available when required, all without impacting on production. Stakeholders involved have been impressed by Spitfire's knowledge and approach."

    Head of Supply Chain Logistics Major Aircraft OEM
  • "During development of the project, we recognised the immediate potential and in a joint activity with the original project team, installed the Body Shop Training Centre into a brand new manufacturing plant being built in the U.S.A. to assist us with the very difficult task of new plant hire and skill-up."

    Global Lean Centre Manager Global Vehicle Manufacturer
  • "A stellar performance from a rotating team of consultants achieved all I could have hoped for. A great programme which should be wider applied in my organisation."

    Head of Delivery Global Metro
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